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SF Liquor Store Has Extravagant Crane Game

Sure you could give $1 to a street kid on Haight, or you could use it for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle on the crane game inside New Lite Supermarket. There were seven Shuffles left in the game around 11pm on July 30th, so any amount less than that now signifies a winner of one of the most epic crane games out there.

The ‘Ultralight’ Wooden Surfboard

Last year I built a wooden surfboard from a kit designed by the great people at Grain Surfboards. It was my first attempt at building a wooden surfboard, so I brought my father on to help with the project. When it was all said and done, the outcome of the venture was 1) a finished all wood surfboard, and 2) the idea to build the Ultralight, a super light weight wooden surfboard.

My dad borrowed from the design that Grain used for their broad, and came up with a frame system that he hopes will be lighter than the currently constructed wooden surfboards.

The surfboard’s frame is made out of Japanese waterproof plywood, and will eventually be finished with red cedar. My father is an architect, and it’s basically been second nature for him to design and challenge the strength of building material.

Even though my dad has only tried surfing once, an attempt he claims to have almost taken his life, he feels that surfboard design is within his reach.

Check Washer & Dryer Installation Off My Bucket List

Every so often, a guy needs to step it up and put on a man skills clinic. For me, this clinic took place last weekend when I helped my girlfriend move into her new apartment. Standard of all apartment moves I dealt with the ridiculously heavy couch equipped with pull out bed, dresser, desk, bookshelf and mattress. But this move got turned up a notch, as a brand new washer & dryer had been purchased with the delivery and installation offer thoughtfully declined upon checkout. No biggy, I was up for a new challenge.

And just because I had an ounce of energy left in me, I put together the TV stand pictured below.

Working For Food

Ed Jovi is the only downhill cross-country mountain bike racer that Ice Tubes sponsors, and the below photo of him using a wrench to crack open Alaskan king crab legs says a lot about why he gets our support. Lobster crackers are for second place.

So “Phở”king Good

One of the perks of dating a Vietnemese girl is enjoying her native cuisine, more specifically, ph. Ph, pronounced “fa”, is the national dish of Vietnam, dating back to the early 1900’s in northern Vietnam. The soup is a beef broth with thin rice noodles, which usually contains either sliced beef (Phở bò) or chicken (Phở gà).

It’s quite possibly the most delicious soup in the world, and has even been rumored to have been eaten everyday for breakfast by my girlfriend’s dad for 20 years straight. I am lucky enough to get ph “to go” from my future mother-in-law every time I’m over for dinner. The key is to look really hungry and pathetic as you’re leaving, which I’ve pretty much mastered.

Horseshoe Crab Graveyard

Thanks to Cmadey and her experiences with working for the New York State Parks & Rec Department, we now know where all the horseshoe crabs on Fire Island go to die.

Hudson River Kayaking

Kayaking NYC

It’s a 102 degrees outside, who wants to go to New York City for the day? At first not me, but with no pool and no AC the idea of sitting on a cold train for an hour didn’t seem all that bad. I went down to Hudson River Park where you can rent a kayak for free, and paddled around the Hudson River. You’re not allowed to take the kayak out of the harbor so it’s not much of an adventure, but the water was cold and the view is awesome.

If you’re looking for something different to do in NYC, this is definitely worth trying. Everyone’s been to a Broadway show and seen the Statue of Liberty, but how many people have gone kayaking in New York City?

SF “Beat LA” In Stadium Food Vendor Health Inspection

Hey Giants fans, here’s justification to chant “beat LA” even louder, your stadium food vendors are way more sanitary than the ones at Dodger Stadium. According to a recent health inspection survey posted on ESPN, only 4% of vendors at San Francisco’s AT&T park were found to have “critical violations,” compared to 13% of vendors at Dodger Stadium being cited for critical violations.

Below is a screenshot from the ESPN vendor inspection report highlighting the SF and LA sports stadiums.

And if you’re a Yankee hater, you can feel good knowing their fans are eating hot dogs at a stadium where 48% of the vendors were cited for violations. Despite that, the Yankees are still the best team in baseball.

Hippie Bike Racks Battle It Out In San Francisco And Woodstock

While traveling in Upstate New York, Ice Tubes contributor wmadey discovered was shown this familiar bike rack by his girlfriend Van in Woodstock, New York, which had been previously photographed in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood. It’s tough to say who’s ripping off who here…

Grateful Dead – Dick’s Graffiti Picks, Vol. 1 & 2: Ashbury St., San Francisco

Both of these Grateful Dead inspired stencils are painted side by side along Ashbury Street in San Francisco. Although Jerry’s finger work graffiti was totally crunchy, the set list and crowd for Steal Your Face graffiti was beyond epic. I guess you had to be there.

(left) Jerry's finger work, circa 2010; (right) Steal Your Face, circa 1998

Note: This is the 100th post published by Ice Tubes. Thanks for reading, looking and watching.

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