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Fluke Fishing Long Island’s Great South Bay

It’s 6AM on Saturday morning and I’m not quite fully awake as I drive towards the marina, passing only a handful of cars on what is usually a busy highway. I was meeting up with my friend Mike (the captain) who was prepping the boat for a morning of fluke fishing on the Great South Bay.

Fluke fishing is great because all you have to do is let your weighted hook sink to the bottom and just jig your line a bit. According to captain Mike, the Great South Bay is full of fluke right now. We fished between the Fire Island Lighthouse and the Kismet Inn. Although we reeled in a number of fish, size regulations that require each fluke to be at least 21 inches long forced us to throw a few back.

We managed a few keepers, but ultimately the size regulation is good as it helps to rebuild the fluke population around Long Island. And there is nothing wrong with catch and release…”Honor of the Fish.

23" Fluke

Accurate Titles For Lonely Planet Travel Books

Ice Tubes interpretation.

What Lonely Planet would have you believe the title is.

Is ABC’s “Downfall” the new “LOST”?

Cancelling Netflix

I’ve seen ’em all…

21 Jump Street’s Misleading Drug Prevention Hotline

Something seems off about this drug prevention hotline number which appeared at the end of a 21 Jump Street episode. If I were addicted to eating pastries I wouldn’t think to call 1-(800) DOUGHNUT for help! Maybe that’s the trick, but I wonder how many kids called this hotline in 1987…

Tecate Barcode

The beer is alright, but the barcode is awesome.

Affordable Poetry Man Cashes In On San Francisco Tourist Season

Affordable Poetry Man [hidden behind street pole], who types up original poems on the spot, is loving the start to tourist season. Just check out this Disneyland-esque size line of poetry enthusiasts waiting to get their one of a kind Haight Street souvenir.

Since Affordable Poetry Man is always setup outside of Ben & Jerry’s, Ice Tubes did our part to support the neighborhood arts scene and hooked him up with a Foursquare tip.

Bike Snob NYC Rides Through San Francisco

There were a few more bicycles on the road than usual today during my commute home via The Wiggle. It turns out that I perfectly timed an entrance into the Bike Snob NYC San Francisco Ride. There were about 30 cyclists riding together when I snapped this photo at Fell St. and Divisadero. A rider who I was chatting with said they started at Ritual Coffee Roasters in the Mission and were headed towards Golden Gate Park. I peeled off from the group around the Panhandle.

A Tip Jar Has No Place In A Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Shop

To the cashier who put the tip jar out at the self-serve frozen yogurt shop near my office, “Nice try, but you didn’t actually do anything.”

San Francisco Tiger House

Who’s the artist responsible for this masterpiece, and is he/she interested in painting something similar in my bedroom?

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