Rincon, Puerto Rico: No Surf, No People And No Complaints

Rincon, Puerto Rico is a must visit destination for most New York surfers. It’s hard to drive to the beach on Long Island and not see a Rincon Interstate 413 sticker. So despite still recovering from a torn ACL that will have me out of the water until next winter, and the surf season down in the Caribbean being more then a few weeks past its prime, it was finally my turn as a New Yorker to check out the “must visit” destination.

view from the top

view from the top

From just about every angle, Rincon looks prefect. The weather (in May) was in the 90s and the water temp was not much lower. Rincon itself is also about less then an hour drive from the airport. Regardless of all those favorable traits, Rincon in May is all but empty because there’s no swell to draw the surfers down here. Try and imagine a beach resort town in the Northeast around late November/early December – not a lot of businesses are open and nobody’s around. Welcome to Rincon in May.

deck living

deck living

If there were waves in Rincon this weekend it would have been that much more perfect a trip. Our condo was cheap (off season prices) and the Medalla Lights were served (in 10oz cans) right on the beach.

walk down

walk to the beach

We spent a little too much time at Tamboo’s, but the security was top notch and the band did play a ton of Bon Jovi covers (your welcome, New Jersey).

security at Tamboo's

We asked around for places to go that might have a little more nightlife, and were told to go to Mayaguez, which happens to be the third largest city in Puerto Rico. Your call on “third largest city,” but Mayaguez just brought more empty streets. It is however home to an ice cream shop whose flavors are anybody’s guess. If I had to take a stab at what ice cream I ordered, I would have to say “strawberry”.

No waves and no people didn’t stop us from enjoying great weather and warm water. For a New Yorker, Rincon is relatively cheap and easy to get to. When my ACL heals I plan on returning for surf season.

three dudes in PR

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  1. Look at strawberry’s surprised look pre-being laughed out of town.



    1. You might want to stay at our beach house, Casa Las
      Mareas. It is behind Casa Islena, in walking distance to the Tamboo, 60 steps from the ocean.
      Call me at 908-616-3328 for more info. We were there in May also.



  2. […] Rincon consider renting this place. Reservation information can be found here, and Sandy also left her contact information in her comment on our blog post. Casa Las […]




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