You Don’t Need Spandex To Bike To Work

This Thursday (May 13, 2010) is Bike To Work Day. The roads/bike lanes during the morning commute hours will be full of cyclists, and the SF Bike Coalition will hand out tote bags full of (fingers crossed) mini-Clif Bars.

It’s great to see everyone getting on their bikes and riding to work, but unless your commute brings you through the Marin Headlands or your office dress code requires that you wear spandex or sweatpants, don’t feel the obligation to do so just because you’re riding a bike.

It’s pretty awesome that Mayor Gavin Newsom rides a bike to City Hall on Bike To Work Day, but is it really necessary for him to wear a pair of sweats as he slowly cruises downtown? Why not just ride in the suit he normally wears to the office?

If you’re more comfortable in spandex/sweats, by all means wear spandex and sweats. But don’t think that because you’re riding a bike you need to have special gear to do so. Ride as you are. #RealTalk

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  1. gavin pubesome May 12, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Where’s his hair! I’m kinda thinking the Gavvy Gavster’s hair might be a more powerful helmet than the hat-helmet combo. I’m only hoping those shoes don’t have those catapult heels on them.



  2. Great call on the hair and the hat/helmet combo. Wow, “In Gavin’s Hair We Trust.”




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