Not All Pizza Is Created Equal, Making A Case For The Reheat Slice

As the Uptown Almanac pointed out in a recent post, New York pizza (outside of New York) is often duplicated but never perfected. Growing up on Long Island eating real pizza and Italian ices, I’ve stopped trying to compare California pizza to what’s served in New York.

California does however have a few pizza places with decent reheat slices – This is a slice that comes from a pie already cooked and sitting for a while, then thrown back into the oven for two minutes.

For example, while I don’t think Escape From New York Pizza in The Haight makes the best pie to order for delivery or takeout, it does serve pretty killer slices to go (reheat slices). On the other coast, I rep the reheat slices at Gino’s Pizza in Babylon, NY for life, but I’d be hesitant to pull the trigger on an entire pie.

The other great thing about reheat slices, besides making a mediocre pizza place seem OK, is that the reheat slice is never a birthday slice.

And if you’re a pizza place that doesn’t serve reheat slices, while simultaneously serving a subpar pie, it’s a fair argument to say you’re not even a real pizza place.

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  1. Did you know that in England they put corn on pizza? That’s almost as bad as pineapple and avacado.



    1. no reason for corn to be making an appearance on pizza




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