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Roller Coaster Pro

Judging by the calm in this guy’s face [top left] during one of the most jaring turns on Space Mountain, it’s safe to say this wasn’t his first time on the roller coaster. Pure #manskills.

Our Blood Is As Thick As….

Leonhard Eppig was a German style lager brewed in Brooklyn, New York. Prohibition put an end to this brewery and our potential family business. Win some, lose some.


Beach Campers Return To Democrate Point

Welcome back, summer

The beach camper, how I have missed you. I have missed walking under your fishing lines and stepping around your hacked apart bait fish. Raise your 10AM beers high and toast to another summer of catching Sea Robins.

Lacrosse Is A Tough Sell In San Francisco

Although insanely popular along the east coast, lacrosse has yet to truly catch on in California. In an attempt to make the sport more recognizable throughout the Golden State, Kezar Stadium will play host to the San Francisco Lacrosse Fall Classic 2010 with the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays taking on the fighting Irish of Norte Dame. The crazy part, in my opinion, is that the game isn’t going to be played for another five months. Talk about planning ahead, but if this game was happening on Long Island I would already be looking on Craigslist for extra tickets (not really though, because I don’t like lacrosse).

Too Lazy For A Haircut or Bieber Fever?

tough call


A guy by the name of Nils Guadagnin made this hoverboard. There are more photos of the floating skateboard on his blog. I don’t think you can actually stand or move on this thing, but it’s one heck of a conversation piece (whatever that is).

[Vimeo 11968215]

Deer Antler Bike Handlebars

Design Sponge included this deer antler handlebar in their coverage of ICFF 2010. The mastermind behind these handlebars is designer, Sung Kug Kim. All you need now to complete the manliest bike ever is a Beerdolero and perhaps a gun rack.

Blue Point to BULA 5K Run Starts And Ends With Beer

Running season has been going on strong for the last few months on Long Island. This past weekend not only gave us nice weather, but we got another great race for a good cause with a local sponsor. Blue Point Brewing Company hosted the Blue Point to BULA 5k Run/Walk that started and ended at their brewery in Patchogue, New York.

A solid crowd turned out for the race, with the runners and greeted by warm weather and a cold beer. The Blue Point Brewery is a pretty cool spot, and looks like it was the site of an old boat yard at one time.

The tasting room is small but provides you with all that you’ll need. If you’re from Long Island you should drink Blue Point beer, leave the Bud Lights for someone else.

Check out the determination of these runners knowing that a few ice cold microbrews are waiting for them at the finish line.

Broke And Bored: Free Zoo Saves The Day

I’ve got three months before college starts back up and two weeks before my summer job begins. Until I start work, I’m like the thousands of other college students home for the summer; bored and broke.

Having the wonderful Bronx Zoo at my fingertips sounded like a perfect way to spend a day, but the high price of admissions made me think otherwise. Bummed about the cost of the Bronx Zoo, I discovered the Town of Brookhaven Ecology Site, Park & Animal Preserve in Holtsville NY. Not only does this place save animals, it saved me money too. Double whammy!

The Ecology Site, Park & Animal Preserve is totally free and totally fun. It’s pretty much a glorified petting zoo for injured animals — Llamas, alpacas, chickens, goats, birds, and bobcats, are only some of the animals you can go see.  It is a great way to enjoy your day, especially when you’re home from college, broke and have nothing else to do!

Rent This House in Puerto Rico; Casa Las Mareas

Sandy, the owner of this Rincon beach house, left a nice comment on the “Rincon, Puerto Rico: No Surf, No People and No Complaints” post. So to showcase the wonders of social media, Ice Tubes is promoting Casa Las Mareas. Next time you’re thinking of a surf trip, or any trip, down to Rincon consider renting this place. Reservation information can be found here, and Sandy also left her contact information in her comment on our blog post.

Casa Las Mareas

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