Popsicles Taste Better When They’re Cooked

Apparently Popsicle is a trademark, but for all sensible purposes (at least for this blog post) a “popsicle” refers to any fruit flavored ice on a stick. With that bit of business out of the way, we’ve come to the conclusion that popsicles taste better when they’re cooked – otherwise known as the process of heating them on top of a lamp shade (as shown).

This may sounds weird, as popsicles are a treat best served cold, but just 30 seconds on each side over the heat of a 60 watt bulb will make you a believer.

After all, the first few licks of a popsicle that’s been taken directly from the freezer do nothing more than defrost the thing.

What we’ve implemented via lampshade cooking is a more streamlined approach to popsicle enjoyment. There’s obvious delayed gratification baked in here, but in the end you’re enjoying a superior product. #Real talk

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