Word of the Day – Birthday Slice

If you can recall the pizza served at birthday parties when you were a kid, then you already know what the topic of this post is about. The term “Birthday Slice” derives its meaning from the ridiculously small slices of pizza that come from a pie that’s been cut into 24 slices. These pizzas are most commonly served at little kids’ birthday parties.

The editorial team at Ice Tubes has been using the term Birthday Slice as a unit of measurement since the late 90’s, but only recently have we taken steps to give the term the credit that it’s due. Submitted and approved, you can now find the definition of Birthday Slice on UrbanDictionary.com. For those readers who don’t have a birthday slice worth of time to click on the link, below is a screenshot:

While we only included one example of its use on Urban Dictionary, Birthday Slice can be said in reference to more than just small slices of pizza. For example:

Would you like a glass of wine?

Well, I’m driving tonight so just pour me a birthday slice.

Enjoy the term. Use the term. And grab me a birthday slice, would ya?

Update: The cafeteria at Loyola University in New Orleans serves Birthday Slices. Photo proof below:

Photo by Loyola University student Chelsea Madey

Disclaimer: Ice Tubes does NOT condone drinking and driving.

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  1. I don’t know if you can use birthday slice when talking about beverages.



  2. I get it!!



  3. […] Tubes is once again coining a phrase (see Birthday Slice). Next time you see someone having a hot dog with ketchup on it, ask them that […]




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