The Jersey Shore Made The “Fist Pump” Popular, But Derek Jeter Made It Iconic

Often times duplicated, but never perfected, Derek Jeter IS the “fist pump”.

All contributors to Ice Tubes are loyal New York Yankees fans, and as we head into the start of the 2010 season (the journey for World Series Championship #28) I thought it proper to start the season off right with a “fist pump” from living legend, Yankee captain and future Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter.

Photo courtesy of Jane Heller's MLB blog

And while The Jersey Shore made the “fist pump” popular, let’s have a little respect for the guy who invented it.

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  1. fisty mcfisterton April 17, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    Love the site, but I gotta say, fist pump action is most prevalent in tennis. Rafa’s got a pretty serious fist pump. Dude gets down on one knee, even. He drops a flurry of pumps like he’s punching some geriatric on the ground. The intensity in Hewitt’s eyes during his pump is pretty remarkable given that he’s an Aussie. Monfils’ pump starts with your basic garden variety air pump, then morphs into the chest pound. Then he yells something like “Je suis awesome!” Sharapova holds her pump close to her heart like it’s a fragile baby bird. It’s like a little mini pump that she brings into her breastesis area then whispers “c’mon” into the invisible microphone that her fist is holding. Serena doesn’t pump but she does fist, holding it close to her titties ala Sharapova, but then she doubles over and screams. I think it’s more intimidating to your opponent if they think you have a mental disorder. There are others I’m sure but these, oh, and Ivanovic does a little baby fist pump then holds the invisible microphone to her mouth but pleads the 5th. Yeah, so I’m sure there are others but these are the more notable ones. I’m just thinking that fist pumping may have originated in tennis, and if not it is definitely more prevalent. The celebrations in tennis are pretty limited. You can either drop an f-pump or lay on the ground, thas about it. Baseball has more variety. You can dog pile which pretty much says it all. I just remembered though the lateral fist pump that Kirk Gibson unleashed as he rounded the bases with three broken legs against the A’s after a home run he hit off the Eck. So maybe Jeet’s been stealing signs, I dunno. Anyway, kinda slow over here if you nahtamean. Love the site, keep up the great work.



    1. Wow. Hilarious and well thought out. I guess we can say, as a sport, Tennis owns the fist pump. A friend also pointed out to me that they thought Tiger Woods made the fist pump iconic. Something to consider, but I think we need a whole new post to tackle that one.




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