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Is North East San Francisco The “Northeast” Of San Francisco?

San Francisco is a city comprised of transplants. But are there an unusual number of transplants from “back east” living in the north east part of city? Have the Marina, Russian Hill and North Beach neighborhoods become the “Northeast” area of San Francisco?

Being born and raised on the east coast provided an insight to the nuances associated with people from the Northeast. Below is a list [in no particular order] of “anthropological observations” that make a case for why this particular area of the city has become so desirable for people from the Northeast to settle in.

1] If you lose your Red Sox hat, you can easily replace it as there are normally four Boston hats in every “lost and found” at bars in Russian Hill

2] Brunch is not a meal. It’s a pastime.

3] People wear suits to bars

4] Number of areas where sailboats are visible, thus sparking off-topic nautical conversations

5] Striped shirts from the 8th grade remain in style

6] 9 times out of 10, the Dartmouth alumni reunion is held at Tonic

7] Going anywhere west of the Marina or south of Russian Hill is considered a road trip

8] If a “Bud heavy” is ordered at a bar the bartender knows what you’re asking for

9] A surfboard, largely unused and hardly scratched, is kept in a highly visible place in an apartment.

10] The insistence that Cow Hollow is an actual neighborhood

11] It’s tough to find a juke box in the Marina that doesn’t celebrate the entire musical career of Dave Matthews.

Ketchup On A Hot Dog?

…”Where are you from, New Jersey?”

Ice Tubes is once again coining a phrase (read: Birthday Slice). Next time you see someone putting ketchup on a hot dog, ask them that question.

American Businessman Attends English Premiership Football Match

Guest post from Ice Tubes friend, Ed “Jovi” Kump.

Leave Big Ben, Abbey Road and all that other jazz to the tourists. If you’re visiting England there is only one thing you need to see: an English Premiership football match (Well, two things if you count Billie Piper).

While in London for five weeks on business I tried all the legitimate ways of getting to a match at Stamford Bridge to watch my beloved Chelsea. Unfortunately, soccer (football for you purists) tickets in England aren’t as easy to purchase as they are for sports in America. You usually need to be a member of the team’s fan club to be eligible and the European equivalents to are hit or miss. None of my coworkers were able to hook me up either.

Thankfully, I found a hardcore fan on craigslist who let me borrow his season ticket card for 120gbp to watch Chelsea take on Aston Villa. I probably paid a bit too much even by grey market standards. But, it was worth it to watch the Blues absolutely demolish another formidable premiership team 7-1.

I’ve Got A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More Cow Birth!

Yup, this is just was this blog needed. More cow birth!

Sure, happy cows come from California, but that’s only because the cows born in New York have more traumatic entrances into the world. On this day, farmer Max plays the caucasian veterinarian equivalent to Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable.

Fly Fishing Is A Gentleman’s Sport

Fly fishing is often referred to as a gentleman’s sport. Check out this gentleman enjoying the fight of a well-rested trout.

Location: The Catskills (Upstate New York)

Stream: The Little Delaware River

Fisherman: Chris Madey

Type of Fish: Rainbow Trout (also possibly stuck on a rock)

Conan O’Brien Live From San Francisco

First three minutes of Conan O’Brien performing in San Francisco on “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour”. April 23, 2010

Children In San Francisco Are Serious About Their Bicycles

One can only guess that this little guy or girl just recently took the training wheels off their bike before locking it to this tree. This chain would prevent even the most dedicated criminal from stealing their ride.

Well done, little hipster. Your bike is safe.

Spring Break Bogota – “The Weather Was Great, But The Buildings Had Giant Ants”

My sister took these photos while on spring break in Bogota, Colombia.

Colombian artist, Rafael Gomez Barros, covered the National Congress with giant fiberglass ants. The sculptures, titled “ants” are said to “symbolize the people displaced by armed conflict in Colombia“.

Photo by Chelsea Madey

The sculptures resemble something out of a Sci-Fi movie and are quite awesome, but if you ask a college freshman their opinion they’d tell you that as long as the drinking age in Colombia is 18, it doesn’t matter if there are giant ants in the beer.

Good Coffee Comes Wrapped In A Brown Paper Bag

Direct from the mountains of Honduras, the best coffee comes delivered in an inconspicuous brown package carefully wrapped with Masking tape.

For all you gringo readers (myself included), the message written on the tape, “Para Comadre Juanita De Catalina,” loosely translates to “For Godmother/good friend Juanita from Catalina.”

In case you were wondering: Juanita is Ciji’s mother. Ciji is my girlfriend. That’s why I have Juanita’s coffee.

Farm Equipment Is Not Cheap

Working the land with what you’ve got in the basement. Some rebar and an old fence post make a mighty fine tiller.

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