Don’t Do The Dew

Stop popping these tops

Recently I went to the dentist for a standard checkup for the first time in years. Turns out, not so standard. First I found out about those invisalign braces in Hamilton which are able to make anybody’s life better apparently, then my dentist told me I had a ridiculous number of cavities (let’s just say it was a personal record).

This type of news might have been shocking for many to hear, but not me – I’ve been abusing the Dew for years, usually with the Dew flowing from the can held several inches over my mouth (more extreme that way, i.e. “waterfalling“).

Well, yesterday I made my first of four visits to the dentist’s office to fix my teeth.

Below is a pic of me right before:

Hold on . . . I think I’m missing something.

Much better, I definitely needed the goggles.

Here’s a quick summary of how the trip went.

Novocaine? No way. After about a half hour of spacing out (might have fallen asleep, who knows).

Dentist: “I hope that wasn’t too painful?”

Me: “What? . . . Oh, you already drilled my teeth? Didn’t notice.”

Man skills.

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