Bike Bike Rack

I stumbled across this bike rack in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco. If you commute by bike on a daily basis you’re most likely always on the lookout for new things to lock your bike up to – street signs, parking meters, tall trees… This particular bike rack caught my eye.

I give you the Bike Bike Rack

I thought this was interesting because I recently read David Byrne’s (of The Talking Heads) book, “The Bicycle Diaries“, which has a section at the end devoted to the New York City-themed bike racks that he’s designed. Byrne’s bike racks are inspired by the neighborhood for which they are meant to be installed – “The Wall ST” is a dollar ($) sign, “The Bowery” a liquor bottle, and so on. They are creative, but still serve their purpose – providing cyclists with a structure to lock their bikes to. I don’t necessarily think this yellow bike with a sun-smiley face provides the proper representation of the Western Addition (although it was outside an elementary school), but it’s still super creative and more functional than most other bike racks in the city.

My brother sent me a post from DesignPhiladelphia that showcases the winner and finalists in their bike rack design competition. There are some pretty interesting designs that made it to the top of their list.

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