Cold, Slow Winter

I missed out on all the fall and winter surf on Long Island because I was couch surfing due to a torn ACL. My rehab has consisted mainly of sitting on the couch watching the snow fall. New York just experienced one of the snowiest winters on record, with multiple storms dumping more than one-foot of snow each time around.

I did make it to the beach a few times during some of the storms (which tend to whip up some decent swells) to see if there would be any surfers brave enough to battle the snow and cold for a few waves. Frigid water and snowy beaches are the North Eastern surfer’s right. It also makes for some of the best stories.

The above series of photos were shot as I crossed the Robert Moses Causeway. It was February, there was no sun, and it was cold.

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  1. Where did you get this from?



  2. the photos were taken last month and we stitched them together into a slideshow and then added a rockin’ song



  3. […] the past year and a half I have been recovering from ACL surgery waiting for the day when my knee would be healthy enough so I could surf again. Well, today my knee […]




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