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You’re Welcome, Baby – I Waited For You To Come Home Before Eating Dinner

In certain situations the best thing you can do for someone is nothing at all. Case in point; Not eating anything for dinner until your girlfriend comes home.

You’re welcome, baby.

Don’t Do The Dew

Stop popping these tops

Recently I went to the dentist for a standard checkup for the first time in years. Turns out, not so standard. The dentist told me I had a ridiculous number of cavities (let’s just say it was a personal record).

This type of news might have been shocking for many to hear, but not me – I’ve been abusing the Dew for years, usually with the Dew flowing from the can held several inches over my mouth (more extreme that way, i.e. “waterfalling“).

Well, yesterday I made my first of four visits to the dentist’s office to fix my teeth.

Below is a pic of me right before:

Hold on . . . I think I’m missing something.

Much better, I definitely needed the goggles.

Here’s a quick summary of how the trip went.

Novocaine? No way. After about a half hour of spacing out (might have fallen asleep, who knows).

Dentist: “I hope that wasn’t too painful?”

Me: “What? . . . Oh, you already drilled my teeth? Didn’t notice.”

Man skills.

Books Are Not Just For Reading, You Can Lock Bikes To Them Also

In a recent post we wrote about the “Bike” bike rack located in the Western Addition. The name says it all, it’s a bike rack designed to look like a bike.

Apparently other neighborhoods in San Francisco have gotten creative with their bike racks. Check out the below photos of the “Books” bike rack installed outside the Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Library in the Inner Richmond.

9th Avenue (between Geary & Clement)

Photo by: Shaun Charity

10th Avenue (between Geary & Clement)

Photo by: Shaun Charity

Both these racks look really great, but I think they ultimately went for style over function. Seems like it would be tough to lock multiple bikes to these racks.

The MUNI Fare Box is Not a Vending Machine

Perhaps this post is a bit more fitting for the Muni Diaries, but nevertheless it has occurred to me that people who ride the MUNI in San Francisco don’t know the possibilites for  how dollar bills can be inserted into the fare box.

With the recent fare hike back in July, the cost of riding a bus/light rail in San Francisco has gone up to $2. Now you either a] use a pre-paid bus pass, b] have eight quarters ready, c] contain a fist full of dimes, nickels and quarters adding up to $2, or d] have two $1 dollar bills.

In most cases (at least the situations I’ve seen) people get on the bus with two of the crumpliest, torn, overwashed $1 bills in their pockets. These people then proceed to carefully “iron” out their bills of all wrinkles so that the fare box will eat up their dollars with ease. However, it seems that no matter how long you rub the dollar across your leg or bus hand rail to flatten it out, you will be met with resistence trying to ge that flimsy $1 bill into the fare box.

I’m writing this because I was once one of those people – I thought the MUNI fare box was a vending machine. It was scanning my dollar for authenticity and would spit out any bills that weren’t crisp enough. In actuality the fare box is not a vending machine and there are two ways to make inserting worn out bills much easier.

1. Fold your bill in half the long way. (Aside from making you look cool, this will make it easier for the fare box to catch the bill)

2. Stack two bills on top of each other. (Two worn out bills combined to form one sort-of-kinda-decent bill)

You’re welcome, San Francisco.

Sag Harbor’s 5K Clover Run

The sky over Long Island had no sun in it this morning. There were no leaves on the trees either. The one “no” that people were most happy about though, was probably the fact that there was no snow on the ground.

Running season is upon us. Long Islanders met this morning at 10 a.m. eastern for Sag Harbor’s 5K Clover Run. Pictured below is Greg Madey (my older, yet faster brother) finishing the race at a time of 24:53.

Greg Madey - 5K Clover Run (24:53)

If you ran the 5K Clover Run this morning please feel free to leave a comment with your time. If you have a photo of you crushing my brother’s time, email dougmadey at gmail dot com, and I will post it🙂

Bike Bike Rack

I stumbled across this bike rack in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco. If you commute by bike on a daily basis you’re most likely always on the lookout for new things to lock your bike up to – street signs, parking meters, tall trees… This particular bike rack caught my eye.

I give you the Bike Bike Rack

I thought this was interesting because I recently read David Byrne’s (of The Talking Heads) book, “The Bicycle Diaries“, which has a section at the end devoted to the New York City-themed bike racks that he’s designed. Byrne’s bike racks are inspired by the neighborhood for which they are meant to be installed – “The Wall ST” is a dollar ($) sign, “The Bowery” a liquor bottle, and so on. They are creative, but still serve their purpose – providing cyclists with a structure to lock their bikes to. I don’t necessarily think this yellow bike with a sun-smiley face provides the proper representation of the Western Addition (although it was outside an elementary school), but it’s still super creative and more functional than most other bike racks in the city.

My brother sent me a post from DesignPhiladelphia that showcases the winner and finalists in their bike rack design competition. There are some pretty interesting designs that made it to the top of their list.

Cold, Slow Winter

I missed out on all the fall and winter surf on Long Island because I was couch surfing due to a torn ACL. My rehab has consisted mainly of sitting on the couch watching the snow fall. New York just experienced one of the snowiest winters on record, with multiple storms dumping more than one-foot of snow each time around.

I did make it to the beach a few times during some of the storms (which tend to whip up some decent swells) to see if there would be any surfers brave enough to battle the snow and cold for a few waves. Frigid water and snowy beaches are the North Eastern surfer’s right. It also makes for some of the best stories.

The above series of photos were shot as I crossed the Robert Moses Causeway. It was February, there was no sun, and it was cold.

DIY Maple Syrup

My dad makes his own maple syrup in Upstate New York. He sent me this photo of his outdoor syrup making area. I don’t know the exact ratio, but it takes an absolute ton of sap from the tree just to make a pint of finished maple syrup.

Next time you’re getting ready to be liberal with the syrup on your pancakes, remember this picture and just how long it takes to make the syrup and how cold the person making it probably felt.

It’s Pepper Spray!

Young women who live in urban areas get really excited when their pepper spray arrives in the mail! This video puts a humorous light on an otherwise sad necessity for women living in the city.

Note: Ciji got this package on International Women’s Day. Total coincidence.

You’re Welcome, Baby – The Cereal Bowls Are On a Shelf You Can Reach

When you’re tall it’s easy to unintentionally make life tough for people that are shorter than yourself.

I’m an honest 6 feet 1 inch tall, but I’ve often had awkward conversations with my girlfriend’s friends who tell me that I must be wrong because I’m taller than their boyfriend and he’s taller than 6’1”. The convo usually goes something like this:

[Friend] “Doug, how tall are you?”

[Doug] “I’m six one.”

[Friend] “No. You can’t be six one because Jeremy is six three and you’re MUCH taller than him…”

[Doug] “Sorry I don’t think Jeremy is actually as tall as you think he is, or perhaps as tall as he says he is.”

The reason I bring this up is because I’m actually quite a bit taller than my girlfriend and often times do make her life harder with what I’ll call, “tall tendencies.” I am however getting better at recognizing when I create roadblocks for my girlfriend with these tendencies. For instance, she will no longer have to risk life and limb to enjoy breakfast because I’ve now put the cereal bowls on a shelf she can reach.

You’re welcome, baby…

[Vimeo 9816670]

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