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“You’re Welcome, Baby” – I Put Towel Hooks On The Bathroom Door

A couple of months ago my girlfriend, Ciji, and I moved into an apartment together. So far the experience has been great! The apartment always looks really clean, the bathroom smells nice and the fridge contains food…lots of food.

In addition to those nice attributes, living with my girlfriend has allowed me to take some fairly unimpressive household tasks and make me feel as though I’ve reconstructed the Pyramids. For instance, I recently unscrewed one of the coat hooks from our bedroom closet and put it on the bathroom door so we could both have a place to hang our towels. It took five minutes.

I had myself a good laugh thinking of guys getting really proud of these types of “man skills,” and blowing them way out of proportion. It lead me to this, the “You’re Welcome, Baby” video series.

Below is the first video of the series, in which I put towel hooks on the bathroom door. No, you don’t get to see the process. You just get to see me revel in the afterglow of a job well done.

You’re welcome, baby…

Ray-Bans and Rainbow Trout

A large portion of the northern half of the United States gets enough attention from old man winter to turn its lakes into frozen playgrounds for the manliest fishermen. These guys sit on the blustery ice in the cold for hours, staring into a black hole hoping to pull out a fish.

While I consider myself the reigning ice fishing champion, my father does catch the occasional fish (see: below).

This Rainbow Trout was caught in Upstate New York.

Surfing the Golden Gate Bridge – Fort Point, San Francisco

Fort Point isn’t the best place to learn how to surf. It’s not even the type of surf spot where a seasoned surfer would choose to paddle out in. The San Francisco Bay is notorious for its dangerous riptides. Add to those strong currents a mix of cold water, boulder-sized rocks that appear and disappear with the tide, and massive cargo ships crawling beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and you’ll find yourself in a situation about as far from the warm beaches of Hawaii as possible.

The below footage was shot on January 9, 2010. It was cold, overcast and felt very much so like San Francisco. It’s a rough video, but then again, so are the conditions at Fort Point. So there.

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