Hurricane Bill – Warm Water, Waves and Bunger’s 21st Annual Surf Contest

As Long Island and the whole North East prepare for the first hurricane of the season, I’m headed to land locked Kansas City. Perfect timing.  Hurricane Bill is going to pass by Long Island this Saturday and Sunday, with Sunday being the day.

Warm water and head high surf will be gifted to North East surfers. Bummed to miss it, but I’ll be enjoying BBQ and the Kansas City Royals in America’s heartland, that’s just how it goes sometimes. Last weekend on LI there was absolutely no surf and it was the only heat wave of the summer.

However, Bunger Surf Shop (Babylon, NY) is holding it’s 21st annual surf contest, and it should shape up to be epic surf conditions.  So get yourself to Gilgo beach this Sunday, as this is going to be Long Island at its best.


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