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Great White Shark Seen Off Shores Of Malibu

This 12-foot Great White shark was photographed just 500 feet off the shores of Malibu, California.

A scary sight for any beach comber, but especially frightening for the local surfers who paddle out in those waters on a routine basis.

Surfline has the video footage taken by a local photographer from a helicopter.

Adding insult to injury were the ideal surf conditions over the past few days down along the SoCal coast.

Thanks to @Clappnasty for informing us about this. Stay out of the water down there, pal.

Red Stripe and Croakies

Two very strong indications that you’re a fancy hipster

Great South Bay Cross Bay Swim

The Maggie Fischer Memorial Great South Bay Cross Bay Swim went down yesterday, July 24th, with 95 swimmers and 95 kayakers taking to the water. It is a 5.3 mile swim from the Fire Island lighthouse to Gilbeak Park in Bay Shore — a great event put on by an amazing family.

For me, this was my first attempt at the swim and the nerves were there, but

I had done too much trash talking not to finish. The 15 mph NW wind didn’t make the swim any easier, and it also put a healthy chop to the water in the middle of the bay.

I finished in 3 hours 15 minutes, and the best part was my 57-year-old father (my kayaker) finished too. Over all it was a beautiful day to be out on the water out on Long Island.

If you think yourself a waterman, you should swim the bay.

26-foot Shark Washes Up On Long Island

Not too long ago we wrote about surfing off of Democrat Point and there being a shark sighting by a couple of fisherman earlier that day. This sick Bask shark that washed up on Gilgo Beach, NY (only a couple of miles from Demo) may have just been the shark that was seen that day.

On another awesome note to this photo (thanks to Newsday) the little kid in the photo, probably age 6, is wearing a pair of Corona swim trunks.

Where’s the Wave? PG&E’s Secret Spot

The billboard for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is on the corner of Clement St. and 3rd Avenue in San Francisco, but the sick wave pictured in it?……

PG&E's got a secret spot, apparently

PG&E's got a secret spot, apparently

“Locals Only” Takes on a New Meaning

Californians may have to deal with huge crowds and the “kooks” that come with them in the water, but New York surfers have to park their cars next to this dude. Give and take.

Owning Jones Beach

Owning Jones Beach

Red-eye Surf

Last Thursday I landed at JFK on a red-eye from San Francisco. Chris (my brother) picked me up and we took the Ocean Parkway home to check on the waves, which despite it being July with a steady south wind blowing, didn’t suck. A nice treat for Long Island’s forgotten son.

We surfed Democrat Point (Demo), and apparently there was a shark sighting earlier that morning. Sharks are rare for Long Island, but if anyone’s seen the movie Jaws, they should realize that the gnarly shark fishing character Quint in the movie was inspired by Montauk fisherman, Mark Fundus.

Overall fun day of surf. No one in the water except for myself, Chris and a shark.



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