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7 different ways to say NO PARKING in San Francisco

parking sign picture

parking sign subtle

parking sign what

parking sign go away

parking sign not

parking sign double

parking sign funny

You’re Not Hiding From Anyone


Somewhere along 14th Street. San Francisco, Calif.

Urban Mushroom Hunting in San Francisco


The Upper Haight is currently boasting some of San Francisco’s best crop of organic urban-grown fungi.


Caught Between The Sun And San Francisco


San Francisco, Where Cherry Blossoms Bloom In February

How about that, Washington D.C.? Wear it!

Welcome To The Haight Please Don’t Feed Our Bums

One Less Bike

To the people who have never ridden a bicycle outside the safety of a cul-de-sac but for some reason feel as though they have any authority to tell cyclists how dangerous and annoying they are on the roads, “you are so dumb, you are really dumb–for real.

I commute to work by bike almost everyday in San Francisco. I don’t own a car, but I know how to drive one. If the situation calls for it I’ll reserve a Zipcar and drive in the city. I’ve never been hit by a car on my bike [knock on wood] or come close to hitting a cyclist while driving in the city. Perhaps this is because I know what it’s like to navigate the city by both bike and car.

If you’re cursing out a person on a bike who’s in the middle of your lane going 8 mph, well then I guess you’ve never experienced a delivery truck blocking the bike lane, someone flinging open their car door directly in front of your path, or in some cases having no bike lane at all. [Note: The shoulder is not a bike lane]

If you’re wondering why you get dirty looks and the middle finger from a cyclist after speeding past them to make it to the red light in time, you’ve just never had a vehicle weighing a ton almost clip your arm and pound you into the pavement.

If the breaks on your car make a screeching noise as you approach a stop sign, you’re going to fast, chill out. [Note: Bikes should brake at stops and obey all traffic laws, but not all of them do. Don’t you think it’s better to shake your head in disapproval from you car than hit someone on a bike. That could really put a wrinkle in your dinner plans]

If you’re sitting in traffic and getting pissed as people on bikes fly past you as you continue to get later and later for work, sucks for you get a bike.

Like anything you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. So unless you’ve ridden a bike in the city or alongside decently heavy traffic, your commentary on cyclists isn’t worth the air in my tires. [Note: The air in my tires is free]

San Francisco Tiger House

Who’s the artist responsible for this masterpiece, and is he/she interested in painting something similar in my bedroom?

San Francisco Fog Makes Churches Disappear

It’s tough to describe just how dense the San Francisco fog can get, but it’s the real deal. What you see in one photo, USF’s St. Ignatius Church, automagically disappears in the second photo.

Now you see it

Now you don’t

Is North East San Francisco The “Northeast” Of San Francisco?

San Francisco is a city comprised of transplants. But are there an unusual number of transplants from “back east” living in the north east part of city? Have the Marina, Russian Hill and North Beach neighborhoods become the “Northeast” area of San Francisco?

Being born and raised on the east coast provided an insight to the nuances associated with people from the Northeast. Below is a list [in no particular order] of “anthropological observations” that make a case for why this particular area of the city has become so desirable for people from the Northeast to settle in.

1] If you lose your Red Sox hat, you can easily replace it as there are normally four Boston hats in every “lost and found” at bars in Russian Hill

2] Brunch is not a meal. It’s a pastime.

3] People wear suits to bars

4] Number of areas where sailboats are visible, thus sparking off-topic nautical conversations

5] Striped shirts from the 8th grade remain in style

6] 9 times out of 10, the Dartmouth alumni reunion is held at Tonic

7] Going anywhere west of the Marina or south of Russian Hill is considered a road trip

8] If a “Bud heavy” is ordered at a bar the bartender knows what you’re asking for

9] A surfboard, largely unused and hardly scratched, is kept in a highly visible place in an apartment.

10] The insistence that Cow Hollow is an actual neighborhood

11] It’s tough to find a juke box in the Marina that doesn’t celebrate the entire musical career of Dave Matthews.


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