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modern folk every day

My old pal Mike Molaro, front man for modern folk band archer heights (and wearer of great t-shirts) has been recording an original song a day, every day, during the month of April. On the 8th day of April, he dropped “the Golden Gate Game.” Here are the lyrics. Play at a moderate volume. Sing along.

the Golden Gate Game

the golden gate is still shining
though i am dull and grey
it gives and takes from weight and wind
I held straight until I gave

ooh, I awake to sitting here
ooh, a day or a thousand years?

what remains, the joy of all the pains?
friends returned to imaginary states
untouched in their grace

the haight’s still full of bud and hits
the MUNI stinks of skunk
the schizophrenic homeless fits
or was that my roommate drunk?

ooh, the mind is blowing leaves
ooh, gather and burn me

what remains, the joy of all the pains?
friends returned to imaginary states
the phone won’t do, winter always comes
with fingers so numb I hold to you

abandoned signs of Haight street kids, or “Discardboarded”

haight street signs from street kids

Whenever it rains you seem to find more abandoned signs on the street, left behind by the homeless youth living in the upper Haight. Forgotten for a slab of dry concrete under some nearby awning. Maybe I’ll photograph all the discarded signs I see that are littering Haight between Masonic and Stanyan. Hang the photos with clothespins on pieces of twine at coffee shops. “Discardboarded”, a photo gallery by Doug. Maybe.

Awesome Anchor Steam Beer Ad That’s Not Actually A Beer Ad

Surfboards, San Francisco, and beer. This photo from Grain Surfboards, which could easily be the coolest ad for Anchor Brewing, pretty much sums up a good time. Anchor Steam drinking surfboard shaping time.

Grain is currently in San Francisco running one of their popular surfboard shaping classes. I’ve never taken a class, but my brother has made several wooden boards from Grain kits and they sure are enjoyable to surf. Here’s Chris braving the elements on Long Island for a few winter waves with one of the Grain surfboards he built.

One Quick Ride and One Quick Wipeout

Rode my bike to a wave last weekend and gave a new spot a look. Took these two short videos perched on a rock. The first wave isn’t much, but the guy’s turn sent a good amount of spray in the air. The second wave is a pretty good late takeoff wipeout with some added sound effects from another dude sitting on the rocks with me.

Forgetting About Winter

robert moses bridge in winter

I recently saw this picture my brother took of the Great South Bay and was reminded that it’s winter. You see, here in northern California there really are no seasons. The calendar says it’s February, but in terms of climate changes we typically deal in either wet or dry. We should be smack in the middle of wet season, but ask any ski bum with a pass to a mountain in Tahoe how conditions are and you’ll get a depressed response from a guy who ultimately spent $300 to enjoy the lodge. And while the weather’s been nice, the waves have been nonexistent, which has not been the case on the east coast. So I ate my lunch outside today under a warm sun and I thought about the northeast and its winter of consistent snowstorms and better than average surf. So while it’s brick cold outside, at least east coast surfers have waves. Figuratively speaking the grass is greener, but literally not so much, because all that grass really must be dead by now.

Java Beach Has Perfect Sized Coffee Cups

coffee cup at ocean beach san francisco

The waves at Ocean Beach today were a little too big for my tastes and abilities, but the coffee at Java Beach was perfect. The small sized coffee served at the beachfront cafe is an ideal 10 ounces. Just perfect. I prefer a medium sized wave and a 10 oz coffee.

Dan Reynolds Partied at The Elbo Room

At one point in time, hipster pro surfer, Dane Reynolds (sealtooth), partied at The Elbo Room in San Francisco. That’s pretty cool, right?

If you don’t know diddly squat about surfing, Dane is a pretty radical surfer from southern California and the Internet just loves him. Seriously. Here’s a gif I made of him throwing an air that got a ton of ♥’s and reblogs from teenage girls on Tumblr.

Now Boarding

carrying a surfboard on caltrain

♪ ♫ You take your car to work, I’ll take my board ♪ ♫

A Surf Photographer Passing Through San Francisco

Ryan Struck is a surf photographer based in New Jersey. I’m not exactly sure when I was first introduced to his work, but having grown up surfing in New York I dug the fact that his photography tends to put a spotlight on east coast surfing. Although his shots of the water are my favorite, his portfolio is much more than just surfing. Struck was recently out on the west coast and spent some time in San Francisco. Luckily for us, he had his camera with him.

Below are just a few of the photos from his visit to San Francisco. You can see the entire shoot on his blog or check out his full portfolio of work over at Ryan Struck Photography.

long boarder black and white[Photo: Ryan Struck]

seagull san francisco[Photo: Ryan Struck]

guy running for muni buss[Photo: Ryan Struck]

Is San Francisco A Surf Town?

orange vw beetle san francisco

It seems odd to even pose the question, given that there’s over four miles of surfable coastline within city limits, but have you ever considered San Francisco to be a surf town? If just being able to surf within city limits makes that place a “surf town” then it would be fair to state that Yakutat and glacier in Alaska are surf towns.

If you’re a surfer you probably realize that you can surf in San Francisco, they did host an ASP event here and San Francisco’s waves have their own Twitter handle. The city has multiple surfboard shops, surfboard shapers, and dedicated surf cams for Ocean Beach, but San Francisco certainly isn’t a destination listed out on anyone’s surf trip itinerary. Yet, San Francisco, known more for its hippies, hipsters, and hills, and less for its beaches, is a surf town. And lately it feels like it’s becoming even more of a surf town.

I’ve had my surfboards with me ever since I moved to San Francisco in 2002. It doesn’t feel like that long ago, but surfing has definitely gotten more popular in San Francisco within the last ten years. You just need to check out nearby surf cams or go out to Ocean Beach on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Crowds are a pretty clear indication that a surf spot is popular and the people who live nearby it have a healthy appetite for surfing waves. So despite the cold water, foggy conditions and often times frustrating paddle outs, San Francisco is steadily being inhabited by surfers.

It might just be me, but lately I’ve been seeing more people in the city with surfboards on their cars, bicycles, and motorcycles, walking them into and out of apartments, and hanging wetsuits on fire escapes to dry them out before the next cold session that will require it. And I have to admit I kinda like seeing the city embrace it’s surf side.

Unfortunately, it means more crowds, but Ocean Beach is a big canvas to paint and come winter it does a good enough job of delivering its own form of crowd control. So what do you think, is San Francisco a surf town?


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