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Last Surf Check Of 2013

surf check at Gilgo beach

gilgo beach tunnel beach entrance surf check

It’s been over a month since we posted something, and I wanted to get one more in before the new year. So here’s a “see you later” to 2013 with a few wet pics from one of our last surf checks of the year. “One of the last” because we actually got out for a surf the very next day.

These pics were taken on a complete washout of a day, so there’s no reason to even show you the ocean. A couple teenagers in the parking lot gave us mixed reviews on the surf before we walked through the tunnel under Ocean Parkway. One guy said there was a good swell coming in, and another guy said he wouldn’t go out (he was already in the process of taking off his wetsuit after a less than enjoyable surf). The next day was Christmas Eve, and it was fun. Small, clean conditions. The water temp was cold and the air temp was colder.

We surfed a lot in 2013, and I got to surf in New York twice (which was great).

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the posts on this blog in the past year. If you didn’t, too bad, because we’ll continue to post here in 2014 :-)

Waiting For Weekend Waves

For me, the worst part of winter surf isn’t the cold. It’s the small window of time that you have to surf. With daylight savings taking away all hope of surfing after work it leaves us with early morning and the weekends. Now, here and there I can take off a few hours in the middle of a work day to get in the water, but for the most part I’m hoping for weekend waves.

With forecasting sites like and you can pretty much pin-point when Saturdays and Sundays are going to have good surf. This leads you to start making plans for when you’re gonna meet up with your buddies at the beach – throwing around ideas of driving to new spots far from your home break because you have the time. Well, at least this is what happened last week.  All week I checked the reports which were calling for a clean head high swell coming thru on Sunday. I was getting a sinking feeling in my stomach with every refresh of the web browser because I was unfortunately going to be nowhere near the beach.

And Sunday came and so did the waves. My friend George was able to get the beach while I sat far from it hopelessly refreshing web browsers. And wouldn’t you know it, clean head high surf just as they called it.




Defining Knee High Surf

Have you ever read a surf report that called for knee high surf and wondered to yourself what that wave actually looks like? I always have, and now I wonder no more because I scored some pretty fun knee high surf yesterday. Truth is that we get these type of small wave reports all too often on the east coast, and you really can’t dismiss them because they can turn out to be pretty good days. If you can get in the water on a mild October day with knee high clean conditions, why would you pass that up?




Surfing ’till The Sun Goes Down


Ice Tubes closed out the beach tonight. As we move deeper into fall, the hours of daylight are fading. I took this photo around 6:30pm tonight at Gilgo Beach, New York. It seems that here on Long Island we swap out daylight for waves this time of year, and you just have to take advantage of every bit of sunlight you can get.

And not that you need a reminder, but it’s only getting darker and colder.

Closed For The Season

beach snacks

I took this photo in Montauk last weekend. Summertime establishments photographed during the offseason make for a cool shot. This snack shack has likely only been closed for a several weeks, although cloud cover and a photo filter do a good enough job making it feel colder than the 75 °F if was on that day. Also, “Beach Snacks” is a great name for a band or DJ.

A Couple Days On Long Island

I just got back from an extended weekend on Long Island, which included a triathlon sprint and some better than decent surf. Often times people will joke with me and ask, “Where in New Jersey did you grow up?”, and I’m quick to remind them that I grew up far from New Jersey (sort of). It seems kinda silly to make the distinction, but after the weekend on the Island that I just had it always makes me realize the importance of distinguishing Long Island from anywhere else. The lighthouses and towns are filled with history and from time to time (as witnessed in the last picture below) you’ll get some really fun waves to surf in the fall.

montauk lighthouse

turtle cove montauk

gilgo beach surf

Surfing Off the Dock of the Bay

While riding the Fire Island ferry today from Bay Shore to Ocean Bay Park I overheard another passenger say, “Look over the right side of the boat someone is going to try and surf the boat wake.” I quickly looked and saw two kids sitting on their boards in the bay just off the end of the dock waiting for the boat wave.


I’m pretty sure the ferry boat captain was in on this stunt because as soon as he saw the surfers jump into the water with their boards he gunned the boat towards the dock to build up as much of a swell as he could. Although neither of the surfers caught a wave off the dock, I still thought their idea and execution were close to perfect.


It happend on Long Island! Kelly Slater’s frontside reverse

We’ve already posted a video of Kelly’s perfect 10 from the New York contest, but since SURFER declared it one of their greatest rides of all time AND it happend on Long Island I think it’s worth another look.

Shark Tracking

This past weekend I was hanging with a group of open water swimmers, and they started talking about great white sharks in the waters off Long Island. I’ve always known there are sharks throughout the north Atlantic – recently I’ve read the reports of sharks along the shores of Cape Cod – but here on Long Island I thought the only place you would cross paths with something as big as a great white would be miles and miles out at sea. Turns out I might be wrong.

The swimmers told me to check out a website called OCEARCH. The site lets you “observe the navigational pattern of sharks that have been tagged with satellite tracking technology all for the purpose of shark conservation.”


So, chances are there are sharks swimming in and around the waters you like to surf. It shouldn’t freak you out, really, but it’s still a little unnerving to know that you’re treading water with big toothy creatures.

As OCEARCH importantly notes, “sharks play a crucial role of maintaining balance in the delicate oceanic ecosystem as they have an effect on all levels in the food web below them. Unfortunately sharks are being slaughtered every day putting the shark at risk for survival. The navigational and migratory data being collected from OCEARCH will be used to support and devise successful conservation and management strategies which will affect policy for global change.”

Tropical Storm Andrea

The first named storm of a very early hurricane season showed up in New York this weekend. It brought flooding rains on Friday and blown out surf on Saturday, but by Sunday it cleaned up nicely with solid chest high surf.

I sorta fear what an active hurricane season would do to our beat up shores. It’s only June 9 – the water and the air doesn’t seem warm enough – but this morning I got waves that don’t usually break in New York until late August.




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