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Surfing Off the Dock of the Bay

While riding the Fire Island ferry today from Bay Shore to Ocean Bay Park I overheard another passenger say, “Look over the right side of the boat someone is going to try and surf the boat wake.” I quickly looked and saw two kids sitting on their boards in the bay just off the end of the dock waiting for the boat wave.


I’m pretty sure the ferry boat captain was in on this stunt because as soon as he saw the surfers jump into the water with their boards he gunned the boat towards the dock to build up as much of a swell as he could. Although neither of the surfers caught a wave off the dock, I still thought their idea and execution were close to perfect.


It happend on Long Island! Kelly Slater’s frontside reverse

We’ve already posted a video of Kelly’s perfect 10 from the New York contest, but since SURFER declared it one of their greatest rides of all time AND it happend on Long Island I think it’s worth another look.

Shark Tracking

This past weekend I was hanging with a group of open water swimmers, and they started talking about great white sharks in the waters off Long Island. I’ve always known there are sharks throughout the north Atlantic – recently I’ve read the reports of sharks along the shores of Cape Cod – but here on Long Island I thought the only place you would cross paths with something as big as a great white would be miles and miles out at sea. Turns out I might be wrong.

The swimmers told me to check out a website called OCEARCH. The site lets you “observe the navigational pattern of sharks that have been tagged with satellite tracking technology all for the purpose of shark conservation.”


So, chances are there are sharks swimming in and around the waters you like to surf. It shouldn’t freak you out, really, but it’s still a little unnerving to know that you’re treading water with big toothy creatures.

As OCEARCH importantly notes, “sharks play a crucial role of maintaining balance in the delicate oceanic ecosystem as they have an effect on all levels in the food web below them. Unfortunately sharks are being slaughtered every day putting the shark at risk for survival. The navigational and migratory data being collected from OCEARCH will be used to support and devise successful conservation and management strategies which will affect policy for global change.”

Tropical Storm Andrea

The first named storm of a very early hurricane season showed up in New York this weekend. It brought flooding rains on Friday and blown out surf on Saturday, but by Sunday it cleaned up nicely with solid chest high surf.

I sorta fear what an active hurricane season would do to our beat up shores. It’s only June 9 – the water and the air doesn’t seem warm enough – but this morning I got waves that don’t usually break in New York until late August.



Good Morning Sunshine

Winter waves are fun but dark winter mornings can be brutal. Sometimes, no matter how good the waves are, you just need some sun in the sky to provide a little warmth and comfort. The other day I got in the water at 6am while the sun was rising and clean waste high waves rolled in one after the other. Summer surf may bring the crowds but it also brings something that we’ve been missing here in New York the past five months – sunny mornings like yesterday. Hope you got out there.



Ocean Parkway Is Open

I heard from a Babylon Town employee that Ocean Parkway is set to reopen today. The parkway has been under construction since early November following Superstorm Sandy, but all of that looks to be behind us now. We should be able to look forward to having two lanes of traffic moving in BOTH directions.

Rebuilding Ocean Parkway Post Sandy



Post Sandy

Post Sandy

Ocean Parkway was damaged during Superstorm Sandy. To the point where most of south side has been closed. It’s been a slow go in the recovery process – homeowners waiting for insurance checks that just don’t seem to becoming and many of the beaches are simply “closed.”

But for the past few months they have been working 24 hours a day six days a week to repair and reopen Ocean Parkway and Robert Moses State Park. Large earth moving trucks are transporting sand from Cedar Beach all along the damaged areas of the beach.  The new dune is now an impressive 18′ wide wall of sand. Top soil, beach grass, and shrubs are being planted to help sure up the dunes.

It’s great to see this progress.

All The Ducks

My sister filmed this small day on Long Island in February 2012. I think it was for a school project. That’s my brother Chris suiting up and getting ready for a surf at Gilgo Beach. The Red Bull pounding must be for theatrics, as I’ve never seen him consume an energy drink before. Long Island can get big and good during the winter, but 95% of the time it looks like this. The video is entertaining enough, and the soundtrack will be stuck in your head all day!

***”iSkysoft” is a program that lets you rip files from a disc and my sister used it so that’s why you see it on the top left of this entire video. Lo siento***


An instant South Shore classic from BriefKase Boyz.

Small Wave Tow-in Surfing

Saw Sunset Shapers tweet this out today. Small wave tow-in surfing would be perfect for Long Island and San Francisco summers. I think a clam boat could generate enough speed to get into an ankle sized wave at Gilgo Beach come mid-July. A Zodiac would be good for Ocean Beach (brave driver needed). Rad vid Parko.


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